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Freedom to Participate

Freedom to Participate

USA Dance
January 24, 2012

'Freedom To Participate' Policy Defines, Inspires Leadership Role for
USA Dance As National Governing Body for DanceSport

USA Dance, Inc., as the United States National Governing Body of DanceSport, in accordance with the Amateur Sports Act and the rules and regulations of the United States Olympic Committee, believes that all athletes should have the opportunity to participate in DanceSport competitions of their choosing, and, contrary to any misinformation, USA Dance has never in the past, nor has any intention in the future, of limiting or restricting its member athletes from participating in any DanceSport competition held in the United States, North America or any other country abroad.

Furthermore, USA Dance extends this same "freedom to participate" policy to any and all persons employed or volunteering to work as a DanceSport official. This includes, but is not limited to, all emcees, music directors, scrutineers, invigilators and certified adjudicators in the dance industry.

And in accordance with the laws of the United States, USA Dance, adhering to its mission and leadership role in the industry, will not restrict the flow-of-trade nor the right-to-work of any individual within or in conjunction with any dance organization, dance event or related activity, of his or her choosing.

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